Kilchrist Castle is a substantial early 19th Century building. A freestanding tower 3 storeys high with corbelled parapet, the castle is category B listed. The Castle was built in 1834 by a Mr, Dugald McTavish, an under-sheriff of Kintyre and a Macrihanish mine-owner.

The Castle rests on ancient, partially vaulted foundations, the precise origins of which are not known. The lands of Kilchrist can however be traced back to the times of King Robert the Bruce and could pre-date this to early Christian times given an early settlement probably existed here and St. Columba first set foot on Scottish soil at Southend, a few miles away.

The Castle is situated in 8 acres of private wooded and walled grounds and gardens, through which a pretty burn runs from the castle to the gatehouse and beyond.

Perhaps the most imposing facet of Kilchrist's impressive interior is the winding spiral staircase which is made of stone with a unique self-supporting cantilevered construction which leads both to the lower ground floor and up to the second bedroom floor. The Castle has been modernized since it was first built but every endeavor has been made to keep the original doors, fittings, general d├ęcor - even including one of the very first indoor toilets, aptly called 'thunderbolt' which is still in good working order situated just off the library. The butler's pantry area at the top of the servant's stairs has been kept and is a quick route from the dining room to the kitchen.

The Castle is in essence a much loved family home with a distinct regency flavor, harking back to a bygone era of comfort and elegance.